In an integrated and developed world like today, in order to gradually contribute to the development of the country in all aspects and be on par with the world powers, each Vietnamese person, in addition to having to absorb the knowledge of knowledge of science, technology, and culture from another country, also requires a deep understanding of the country’s culture, history, and roots. In order to cultivate national pride, love for the homeland, the country, have the right vision and direction to contribute to the development of the country, as well as confidence when communicating with friends. International.

But it is a fact that the education of History knowledge in schools today has not brought much efficiency, along with the acquisition of knowledge from the internet and undistilled social networks, leading to loopholes. . history of most of the young generation, and this contributes to great consequences such as people gradually losing love for their homeland, their country, lack of confidence when compared to other countries, brain drain, …

With the desire to build a complete and systematic information channel about Vietnam’s history from the period of nation building up to now, contributing to popularizing historical knowledge for all Vietnamese people, we have built Ubootwaffe website. The content of the website is the synthesis, collection, organization and scientific arrangement of information, data, images about historical periods and events of Vietnam and historical figures of Vietnam from many different sources. valuable data such as books, journals, electronic databases, etc.

Since the editorial staff are not historical experts, and the website content is collected from a variety of sources, readers may find errors in the content of the articles. We hope that our readers can contribute their comments so that we can improve the website more and more, creating a useful place for people to learn and study the history of the country.